How do tags work?

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Use tags to distinguish and group your business contacts. Decide for yourself which tags you want to use for your contacts. For example, make a distinguish between certain products or services, categories, a certain status or customer characteristics. Then give the correct tag(s) to any contact in your CRM. This way you can search, categorize and filter your contacts even more efficiently.

How do you tag your contacts?

When you add or edit a contact in SpinOffice, you will find the tags as a tab on the left side of the Add contact screen. Add new or predefined tags here for this specific contact. It is also possible to add tags directly from the Contact screen. To do that, go through these steps:

  1. Go to the Contact screen.
  2. Find the desired contact for which you want to add tags.
  3. You will find the tags widget on the right.
  4. Add tags as you want by entering them manually. Or choose previously selected tags from a drop-down list. 
  5. AAll added tags are immediately shown.

Go through your contacts to add your tags. You have an unlimited number of tags at your disposal.

Manage all tags

As mentioned, you can determine and manage all your tags yourself. Go to the main menu and choose option Administration -> Tags. Here you can add and remove an unlimited number of tags. See an example below.

All tags that you have manually used for contacts are also shown in this screen.

In the Pro and Enterprise versions you have access to tag groups. This offers the possibility to create categories and use different colors.

Search and filter contacts based on tags

Searching by tags is very easy.

  1. Start the search with a hashtag "#" and then enter the tag.
  2. Below is an example where we filter on the tag "hot prospect". Pressing #hot will show the tag.
  3. Click on the tag in search list and all contacts with the tag "hot prospect" will be filtered and displayed.

Another way to make a filter of your contact based on a filter is to create a filter on an existing tag at a contact.

  1. First, go to a contact that has the tag you want to filter on.
  2. Then click on the 'tag' icon next to the tag shown.
  3.  Choose Apply filter.
  4. All contact with this tag are filtered and shown.

Removing tags

Of course you can easily remove the tags from an individual contact by clicking on the 'tag' icon next to the displayed tag and choosing Delete. Do you want to delete an entire tag? Then go to menu option Administration -> Tags and remove the tag itself. The tag will be removed for all contacts.

Watch the following short video where we explain to you how tags work in SpinOffice and what you can do with it.

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