How to create Parent-Child Relationships?

Modified on Wed, 14 Nov 2018 at 04:52 PM

It is possible to link contacts as an employee to an employer or company card in SpinOffice. This creates a so-called 'parent-child' relationship. This can be done with existing contacts in the database as well as for new contacts.

Link an existing contact as employee to an employer card

  1. Navigate to the contact card that you want to link as employee to any company.
  2. Go to the CONTACTS tab below the contact card and click on '+' in left bottom corner:
  3. Select the first option 'Link to Employer'.
  4. Following notification appears:
  5. Choose 'Yes', and we ask you to search and select the company card in your database that should become the employer / company of this individual contact:
  6. Once you have selected the employer / company of your choice, SpinOffice shows you the employee link as follows. The company is mentioned under the CONTACTS tab, and Address line1 (Company name) is a hyperlink. On click on the hyperlink you jump to the employer / company card.

Add a new contact as employee to an employer card

It is also possible to add new contacts to SpinOffice as employee to a company 'parent'. To do that, go to the company card in SpinOffice, click on the '+' icon in CONTACTS tab and select the second option 'Add employee'. The 'Add contact' screen appears with the address details of the company already filled in. On Save, the employee gets a contact card and the link to the employer / company card is shown as in the last image above.

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