How do I do a bulk action for contact changes or group mailings?

Modified on Mon, 15 Aug 2022 at 01:46 PM

All your business contacts can be found on the Contact list screen. On this screen you can use filters to perform mass actions such as bulk contact changes and sending group mailings. Both are based on filters.

A bulk contact change can be filling in or changing a value of a field, contact type, tag or keyword for a group of contacts. Or moving values in one field to another field, a tag or keyword.

Sending a group mailing is also possible on the basis of a filter. It will be included at the bottom of this support article.

Here are the steps for a bulk contact change:

  1. Click Filter contacts at the top of the screen, or choose one of the filter options within the contact widget on the right.

  2. Whichever option you choose, in all cases SpinOffice will indicate what you want to filter on:
    • Choose Filter contacts to pick any field in SpinOffice that you want to filter on. You can define the conditions of your choice for your selection; e.g. "company name is...", or "contact type is not...", or "zip code contains...".
    • If you choose a field on the right by clicking on the 'filter' icon, all contacts will be filtered with the same value.
  3. Apply the desired filter (for example by selecting on contact type, info field, tag or keyword).
  4. All contacts are shown in the place where your contacts normally are. See an example below. We have opted for a filter on the tag 'hot prospect'. All 12 hot prospects are shown:

  5. Now you can make a bulk contact change. Click on Mass Actions at the top of the screen:

  6. The following options are displayed:

  7. Choose the desired option:
    • Bulk contact change
      The following screen appears.

      Determine what you want to do with the filtered contacts. In our example, the 12 hot prospects. Select a field you want to be filled or changed for your filtered group. Click on Change to perform the action.
    • Send group mailing
      Use this option to send a mailing to this filtered group of contacts. A new screen opens where you can type a message or pick an existing template to send it out to all. Learn here how to do that.
    • Add to favorites
      This option will disappear soon. It allows you to add the filtered relations to a favorites group.
    • Add tag to contacts
      Easy option to give an existing tag to all the filtered contacts.
    • Delete contacts
      Delete all filtered contacts in a snap. Be careful because this option is irreversible.
  8. After implementing the desired bulk action, the changes are immediately visible in your database.

The ability to create filters and the associated possibility of mass actions are therefore an extremely powerful feature in SpinOffice.

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