11. Mailchimp integration

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More than 5 million people use Mailchimp to design, send, and track email marketing campaigns. Keep your Mailchimp and SpinOffice data updated with this new integration from Mailchimp where subscribers are in sync. Manage subscribers, bounces, and more.

11.1 What does it includes?

11.2 For whom is this integration available?

11.3 Connect MailChimp to SpinOffice

11.4 Mailchimp status at the contact

11.5 How does the integration work?

11.1 What does it includes?

The most important thing is that, after you have created the link between SpinOffice and Mailchimp once, you can synchronize relationships within Mailchimp audiences and SpinOffice. Create filters in SpinOffice and shoot them to any desired Mailchimp audience. And the other way around, import Mailchimp contacts into SpinOffice so that all desired contacts are in your CRM and synchronized from then on.

The most important possibilities of the Mailchimp integration at a glance:

  • Synchronize contacts between SpinOffice and Mailchimp.
  • Manage the status of the contacts in sync; opt in, opt out, bounce.
  • Import Mailchimp contacts into SpinOffice based on your Mailchimp audiences.
  • Export SpinOffice contacts to Mailchimp audiences based on filters.

11.2 For whom is this integration available?

The integratie is available for all users, but different for our price plans.

In the free version version

In the free version it is only possible to import all Mailchimp contacts of your audiences into SpinOffice. You can also export contacts from SpinOffice to Mailchimp. However, this does cost credits per newly exported contact from SpinOffice to Mailchimp. Below is an example of a monthly export and the possible costs.

As an example; you want to send a monthly mailing from Mailchimp to all your 200 customers. Why Mailchimp and not SpinOffice? Because Mailchimp provides all kinds of data after sending, and because it is easier to create a template in Mailchimp.


The first time you filter your relations in SpinOffice and export them to Mailchimp mailing list; we ask for 1 credit per exported contacts, so 200 credits (equals €10). The next month you will have 10 new customers and the same filter will therefore have 210 contacts. If you export these 210 relations to Mailchimp, we only charge credits for the 10 new contacts: so 10 credits (€0.50). Based on the email address, it is checked whether the contacts is already on the MailChimp mailing list. Name changes are updated in both directions.

As you read above, it initially costs you a relatively large number of credits for an export to Mailchimp. But if you repeatedly do the same action to the same mailing list, it becomes relatively cheap.

In the Pro version

In the Pro version you have all the features as discussed in section 11.1.

11.3 Connect Mailchimp to SpinOffice

It's very easy! Follow the steps to connect your Mailchimp account to SpinOffice.

  • In SpinOffice, go to the main menu.
  • Choose menu option Mailchimp.
  • Fill in the Mailchimp API Key. Where do you find this? Log in to your Mailchimp account and go to account settings.

  • Copy the API Key in Mailchimp to your clipboard.
  • Return to SpinOffice and paste the API Key into the required field and click 'Save Mailchimp API key' to connect the accounts.

11.4 Mailchimp status at the contact

After the connection has been made, the Mailchimp widget will be shown on the right side of each contact on the contact list screen. See below as an example.

The status of the contact for each mailing list is shown:

  • '-' means: not on this list.
  • 'Opt-in' means: subscriber is on this list.
  • 'Opt-out' means: unsubscribed from this list.
  • 'Bounce' means: Mailchimp was unable to deliver the previous message, so it is not on this list.

11.5 How does the integration work?

After the connection has been made, there are several options.

Manage Mailchimp mailing lists in SpinOffice

Managing mailing lists is currently (Nov 2023) under development. Available soon via the main menu, option Administration -> Mailchimp admin.

Add an individual contact in SpinOffice as subscriber to a Mailchimp mailing list.

  • Go to the contacts screen.
  • Search for the desired contact via the search field.

    Use the right click and choose Edit contact details.

  • Click on Mailchimp on the left.

  • Change the status to 'Opt-in' on the desired mailing list(s).

Add multiple contacts in SpinOffice as subscriber to a Mailchimp mailing list.

  • Go to the contacts screen.
  • First, create the filter of your choice with all contacts that you want to send to the Mailchimp mailing list.
  • When done, at the top of the screen, choose Mass actions -> Bulk contact change. The following screen is displayed.
  • Select as 'Field' the desired Mailchimp mailing list.
  • As value, select 'Opt-in'.
  • Click on Edit to make the adjustment.
  • All relations are now subscribed for the chosen mailing list.

Filter all contacts that are subscribed to a Mailchimp mailing list.

  • Go to the contacts screen.
  • For any contact, go to the contact widget on the right.
  • Click on the 'funnel' icon for the desired mailing list.
  • Choose 'Opt in'.
  • All contacts that have subscribed to the mailing list are shown.

Of course, you can also go through these steps to filter relationships that have a different status, such as opt-out or bounce.

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