4. The Archive

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Every contact in SpinOffice has its own archive. The archive is actually the collection box of all correspondence, files, appointments, tasks, memos, etc. linked to the relevant relationship. Within the archive you can retrieve all information from the past. Communications can be filtered by type and files can be created to store information. This is all covered in this chapter.

4.1 Screen layout

4.2 Emails and files

4.3 Filtering in archive

4.4 Right-click menu options

4.5 Import files

4.1 Screen layout

The archive is divided into four parts. Below we explain what can be found where.

1: Contact widget

Just like in the contacts screen, you will find the contact widget in the archive, but here on the left. This column shows the name and address and contact details, outstanding tasks, files, etc. This way you can see at a glance what is going on with this contact. The contact widget is therefore different for each contact in the database.

Just like from the relationship screen, you can adjust the information or add something. To do this, use the 'hamburger' icon at the top of the contact widget.

2: Correspondence overview

This section shows all items associated with this relationship in chronological order. So all incoming and outgoing emails, attachments, documents, tasks, calendar items, telephone notes, memos, etc. Completed emails and tasks have a check mark to indicate that this has been completed. All archive items can be opened from here. And if you right-click on an item, you will find many options. These are discussed in section 4.4.

3: Preview section

The selected message is shown below the correspondence overview. This changes per item you click.

4: Quick actions

From an archive you can easily email the relevant contact, create a document or make a note. All these options can be found in the colored header bar. All items that are made naturally end up in the archive.

All mentioned options can also be found in the menu.

4.2 Emails and files

In the archive, a distinction has been made between where all messages (emails, tasks, appointments, memos and notes) can be found and all files (attachments, imported files, documents). The messages are shown by default. Click Files to find all files associated with the contact. See below how to get to all files.

Use the search function at the top right to search for the contents of the archive.

4.3 Filtering in archive

In the archive it is possible to filter only all incoming messages or notes. Click on the funnel icon next to Type and choose the desired filter.

4.4 Right-click menu options

As indicated at the beginning of this chapter, there are a lot of smart functions available in the archive. Many of these functions are located under the right-click. Most options are self-explanatory, but we will highlight a few.

Link to Contact: link the message to every other contact in the database.

Link to Folder: link the message or file to a folder of this contact or any folder in the database.

Link to Task: link the message to an existing task. So messages can be linked to tasks. This makes a task even more complete!

Link to Colleague: link the message to any other user within the database. This can be useful to later find out who was involved. All linked users will receive a notification in their inbox.

Convert to Task: turn this message into a new task. The message is attached to the task. The task can of course be found in the Kanban board.

View logs: here you can see who did what and when with this message.

4.5 Import files

In the archive, go to Files to find the linked files. You can import files in different ways.

  1. Drag local files from your desktop, Finder (Mac) / Explorer (Windows) into this archive section to import and therefore directly link to the relevant contact.
  2. Or click Import in the top bar and select your file/files.

After you import files, they are immediately displayed.

Use the right-click on a file for various options. See below.

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