8. Files, folders & the folder list

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In order to make SpinOffice your daily working environment, you need to import all your contact related files into your database. Create folders in order to have your files structured and organized. Almost any file can be imported into the application.

8.1 Adding files to a contact

8.2 The file list

8.3 Creating folder and subfolders

8.4 Adding items to a folder or subfolder

8.5 The folder list

8.1 Adding files to a contact

Via Drag & Drop or menu option Extra -> Import -> Files it is possible to add files directly from your local disc to a contact. All uploaded files will be visible in the contact’s archive. This simplifies the transition from previously used CRM applications or other relationship tools to SpinOffice.


8.2 The file list

A complete overview of all files added/uploaded and of files received via email is available via menu item Go To -> File list. A window opens with a complete list of all files in your SpinOffice. At the top of the window there is the ability to search files based on description, company or contact.

Use right click on file item for many more options. For instance to see file properties, to send as an attachment, to export, to print, to see properties or to convert to PDF.

It is not possible to add new files to SpinOffice via the file list. This is only possible via the contact card, the archive, or when in a folder.

8.3 Creating folders and subfolders

In this paragraph we explain how to create folders and what the main benefits are of using folders. Folders can be created:

  1. From a contact’s archive: go to the archive of the contact for whom you are planning to create a folder for and click on the ‘+’ icon in the folder list on the left.
  2. Within the inbox: once you receive an email and you want store it in a folder that is not yet created for that particular contact, you can create a folder also via the ‘+’ icon in the folder list on the left in your inbox.

 In both situations following 'Create new folder' window appears:

  • The ‘Folder name’ field is required.
  • Only select one of the folders in the ‘Is subfolder of’ list if applicable.
  • ‘Folder type’ is a way to make easy filters in the folder list based on a folder type. (Define ‘Folder types’ via menu-option Administration -> Folder types) 
  • Click on the save button when finished.

The newly created folder will be directly visible in the archive’s folder list on the left and it will instantly open:

It will also be added to your complete folder list. This overview is accessible via menu item Go to -> Folder list. To open a folder, click on the folder in the folder list.

As mentioned above, the folder will automatically open in a new window. On the next page we will show you an example of a folder and important tools and icons.

All types of files can be added to any folder; email messages, memos, short text messages, tasks, appointments, call reports, etc. Any contact in your database or a colleague can be linked to a folder. It is even possible to send emails from a folder. The message will automatically be stored in this folder.

Important icons that have an important role in a folder:


Link folder:

Manage the contacts and colleagues that are linked to the folder. A newly added contact will also be displayed on the left part of the window.


Folder properties: 

All folder details can be seen and adjusted here. 


Time registration:

A Pro feature. Time can be written on a folder, and a timesheet can be exported. 


Import files:

Import files from your local disks. 



Scan local files in a snap.


Export folder:

A Pro feature. A zip-file can be made of all content of the folder. 

Creating a subfolder works exactly the same way as creating a folder, except that the field ‘Is subfolder of’ should be completed.

After your subfolders has been made, it will be shown like this. All folders and subfolders are visible. Main folders can be folded and unfolded via the small unfold icon.

Use the right-click on a folder or subfolder to access a small menu where several actions can be taken.



8.4 Adding items to a folder or subfolder

First you have to create folders and subfolders in order to be able to store archive items into these folders. Once you have done so the rest is pretty easy:

In the inbox or in the archive, drag the selected archive item, whether it is an email, a file, a task, a note or something else by its description and drop it into the destination folder or subfolder.

After you have dropped the item into the folder, the item will show a folder icon to make clear this item is linked to a folder. And there will be a link mark shown in the folder list on the left to indicate that the item is linked to this particular folder. In the contact’s archive you will have the same for the item and the linked folder.

Manage the folders for an archive item via right-click menu item ‘Link to folder’.


8.5 The folder list

The folder list (Go To -> Folders) gives an overview of all existing folders. At the top you have the ability to search folders by description or by contact/company.

Use the right-click on any folder for more options. Click once on the folder to go to the content. The image above this paragraph shows what this looks like and gives you more information.

The folder type list on the left can be adjusted via administration menu Administration -> Folder types. This is assigned by you as user when the folder is created, but it is still adjustable via the folder properties.

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