Filters allow you to obtain an overview of contacts that meet a certain search criteria. For example, would you like to have an overview of all your prospects, or of all customers that are located in the same country? Or do you want to send a mailing to all your former customers? You can filter on almost every field and you can also filter on filter. How do you do that? We will show you.

Let’s give an example! We would like to get an overview of all our clients, for instance to send a mailing:

  1. Go to a contact who which is a client.
  2. Click once on the contact type field ‘Client’ and choose ‘Filter on selected’.
  3. In the left column, instead of the contact list, all contacts are shown which match the filtered criteria contact type = Client. All matching contacts are arranged alphabetically.
  4. Remove individual contacts from filter via the ‘x’.
  5. Once you have made your filter you can send all of them a mailing or (via the 'Options' button) add them to a favorite group or check/uncheck a keyword for all.

Choose ‘Filter exclude selected’ to achieve the opposite result. Or select ‘Filter on’ and enter an entry you want to filter on. You are able to filter on almost any field on the card. Filters can also work on keywords that are listed under tab item 'Keywords’.

Filters are a superbly powerful function in SpinOffice and they allow you to select contacts for personalized mailings or other mailings based on document templates.

Watch this tutorial in which we explain how to make selections and send group mailings.

To send a group mailing, these are the steps:

  1. Create an email template via Administration -> Email -> Email templates.
  2. Make your filter as described above. When all matching contacts are displayed in the left column you can create your mass email.
  3. Click on the arrow next to ‘Email’ in the toolbar menu.
  4. Select the created mail template.
  5. A popup ‘Create mass Emails’ appears and the process of creating drafts starts automatically.
  6. When the process is finished, go to the ‘Draft’ folder in your inbox.
  7. Use the right-click and select ‘Send all’ and your mass mailing will be send directly!