Contacts from your Mac Address Book can easily be imported into SpinOffice.
  • Go to menu option Extra -> Import -> Contacts.
  • Click on the Mac Contacts banner.
  • Following screen will appear:

  • Click on “Yes” to confirm and to import them all.
  • Please wait approximately 10 seconds while all your Apple contacts will be imported.
  • Close the import screen to see them all in the left contact list.

Please note that we only give you the option to import them all, so not individual Mac contacts.

All imported Mac contacts will get the contact type “Personal Contacts”. if you want to have them in sync on your iPhone and iPad go to menu option Administration -> Personal settings -> Synchronization and enable a CardDAV sync account. A manual with how to enable the account on your devices is instantly sent to you.

Do you have many duplicates after importing your Mac contacts? Then it's better to import your Mac contacts via Excel instead of the fast import. Follow the steps here to import them without duplicates.