You can start by simply downloading SpinOffice CRM on your Mac or Windows desktop and filling in some basic information to set up an account. We ask for your e-mail address, a password and some corporate information. Once you read and agree to the Terms of Use you will receive a welcome e-mail. You can start using the service immediately. SpinOffice support single sign on (SSO) across all our applications, so once you log in on one device, you have access to all the services using the same user name (e-mail address) and password.

The first time you log in we give you the option to start a tour (approx. 9 slides) in which we show you the basic features of SpinOffice, or the possibility of getting started right away. There are a few these steps that help you to set up your account, by completing them you will be well on track with getting your account configured. 

  1. Integrate your email: go to your inbox to configure your email from there. A wizard will help you bringing it in. When your account allows IMAP, your inbox folder, sent items and trash folder will be in sync. All emails are automatically linked to contacts in the database and they are stored in the archive of the contact.
  2. Import existing contacts: from e.g. Outlook, LinkedIn, Google or any other platform that supports an export to .CSV, .XLS or .XLSX format. Other option is the quick import of all your Mac OS X Address Book.
  3. Invite other database users: in order to collaborate with your colleagues you may invite them into your database. Rights and roles can be set per user in the Pro edition.

We are available to help you with setting up the account via Live by chat, email or by phone (+31 70 3115403).

Find more information about Registration & Get started in the user guide.