Unlimited number of contact types can be added to the database. Make your own cards for each type of relationship, with customized fields and colors. How to do that:

  • Go to the Contact screen, where all the menu items are.
  • Go to menu option Administration -> Contact types.
  • Click on the '+' icon in left bottom corner.
  • A blanc new contact type format appears where you can built the contact card from scratch.
  • Try the "Copy of" option in left bottom corner to make a duplicate of an existing format. Adjust the format/labels and color and give this a different contact type name.
  • When you're not sure which field ends up where on the card, check paragraph 3.2 Explanation of labels & fields on the contact card for more information. 

Once the contact type has been created and saved, please refresh the contact screen of SpinOffice. Now your new contact type is added and available for any contact in the database. Click on 'Edit' on the contact card and adjust the field 'Contact type'.