It is possible to synchronize all SpinOffice contacts between SpinOffice and Apple’s Contacts app on an iPhone, iPad and Mac. Even when you do not have all Apple Contacts in SpinOffice yet!!

Go to menu option Administration -> Personal settings -> Synchronization to enable the sync account. Instantly a CardDAV-account is created and the manual how to configure this account on your iPhone or iPad is sent to you by email.

Synchronization with Android devices is also possible.

The sync is pretty cool in combination with the import of your Apple contacts. The ideal sequence of steps is:

  • First, make SpinOffice the basis of all contact information.
  • So, import your Apple Contacts from your Mac Address Book via menu option Extra -> Import -> Contacts.
  • Import other mass contacts via Excel (also via Extra -> Import -> Contacts).
  • Enable the CardDAV sync account via Personal settings menu.
  • Define in that screen which contact types you want to have in sync.
  • On your iPhone / iPad, follow the steps mentioned in the manual we have sent to you by email.
  • The CardDAV-acount has now been created.
  • Open the Contacts app and go to “Groups” in left to corner to activate the SpinOffice group.

All contacts you have marked in SpinOffice to be in sync (based on contact type), are now in sync on all devices where you have configured the CardDAV-account!!

Let us know when you need any support with the configuration.