Go to menu item Administration -> Email templates and:

  1. Click on second menu icon 'Open', select the 'Default email template' in drop-down menu. Following template will appear:
  2. Company logo and the merge fields that are mentioned will automatically be filled with contact information (which can be filled in under Administration -> Personal settings) when you compose an email from out of a contact card. 
  3. The <<Dear>> salutation works the same, it is dependent of the gender/salutation field on the contact card: formal or informal satutation that defines if it will become for instance "Dear Hugo," or "Dear Mr. Van der Horst".
  4. Complement the default template with for instance your company address in email footer (under white text box), change the letter type, color or size, add other merge field from the — My list — drop down menu or insert a link to your website.

Want to build your own template from scratch? Click on first icon 'New'. When finished, click on 'Save' and give a description. To make sure that your new template is invoked when you send an email or reply to an email, click on last icon 'Action type' and select your template.

When finished, please close the email template builder section and click on the 'Refresh' button to update the database. Your template is now be available as email templates. Click on the arrow next to the email icon in toolbar menu on SpinOffice main screen op invoke the template.