In SpinOffice it is possible to create your own templates. Go to menu item Administration -> Email -> Email templates. Following screen appears:
Choose New to build your own template from scratch with the editor or HTML. Or go to option Open to select an existing email template. To create a duplicate of the default email template, open the default one and click on Save as to save it as new version and to continue from there.

This is the default template available in your database:

The <<Dear>> salutation works as follows. it is dependent of the gender/salutation field on the contact card: formal or informal satutation that defines if it will become for instance "Dear Hugo," or "Dear Mr. Van der Horst".

Add merge-fields e.g. «My Email», «My first name», «My last name», or «My Job title» from -My list- to customize the template. All the merge fields that are mentioned will automatically be filled with the contact information that you have filled in under Administration -> User settings -> User profile.

The company logo is picked from Administration -> CRM preferences -> Company, where the default logo can be added.

If you want to have a new email template as default for sending emails. click on 'Action type' and select your template.

When finished, please close the template builder section and click on the 'Refresh' button to update the database. Your newly added template is now be available as email templates.