1.1 Registration

SpinOffice iconAfter the free registration, download of our software and installation, you can log in to SpinOffice CRM with your email address and password. The icon as shown on the left will be displayed on your desktop or Launchpad.

Each time you log in, your email address will be shown as your username and all you have to do is enter your password.

Your database is accessible from any desktop and laptop (macOS 10.7 and later, Windows PC), iOS and Android devices, as long as you have an internet connection and the software installed.

1.2 Your Home Dashboard

After you have watched the introduction video and invited your colleagues to participate in the database, you will enter your Home dashboard. This gives an overview of the most important information within your database.

It contains various widgets such as the last contacts you have done something with, your most recent emails, current tasks and all your upcoming appointments. More widgets are available via the gear icon in the top right corner.

View the short videos per widget to see what the feature can and does. Within every widget (except for tasks) we offer you the possibility to import data. So contacts, emails and calendar items can be imported. Use the import button or the hamburger icon, menu option Import within the widget.

We gladly explain the import options to you. Fill your database with existing data:

  1. Import existing contacts: from e.g. Outlook, LinkedIn, Google or any other platform that supports an export to .CSV, .XLS or .XLSX format. Other options are the quick import of all your macOS Contacts, Office 365 Contacts or Mailchimp subscribers. See paragraph 3.3 Adding new contacts for more details.
  2. Import your email: through a wizard, SpinOffice helps you to enter and find your incoming mail server settings. If connection is made, the inbox folder, sent items and the trash folder are in sync. All emails are automatically linked to the correct contacts upon arrival based on the email address and archived in the contact's personal archive.
    Add multiple email accounts via your Home Dashboard or within the Contacts screen, menu option Administration -> Email -> Email settings. See paragraph 5.1 Configuring your email for more details.
  3. Import your calendars: your appointments can be imported from Mac Calendar and Office 365. In the free Limited version we import the appointments of the last and upcoming 30 days, in the Pro version all appointments are imported.

This way you have filled your database quickly and you can immediately work more efficiently!

On our website we have added a short Getting Started list of important steps that you can take to set up your database and make a good start.