Prevent your outgoing email from being marked as SPAM by the recipient or not even delivered. How do you prevent this? You use the SpinOffice mail server for sending out your email messages. Therefore our mail server must be added to the so-called 'SPF records'. By doing this our mail server is marked as 'secure sender' of your domain.

Set the SPF records

If you can log in to your domain data yourself, go to the DNS settings. Do you have an external domain administrator? They know exactly how and where to adjust it.

SPF records are set in the DNS zone of the domain name. There are two possible options:

1. Your domain does not have a SPF record yet

Create a new TXT record for your domain and paste the following line in the text box:

v=spf1 ~all

2. Your domain already has an SPF record

Add following text to the existing TXT record for your domain:

After you've made the required SPF changes, please wait 24 hours for the changes to propagate. From that moment, your outgoing mail from SpinOffice will be considered as 'safe'.