Every prospect has its own contact card with relevant contact information and archive with communication and agreements from the past. To create a selection, for instance all your prospects:

  • Go to the field ‘Contact type’ on the card;
  • Click on the field just once;
  • Choose 'Filter on' in appearing popup;
  • Type ‘Prospect’ and press enter or ‘Filter contacts’;
  • All prospects are shown in the left column;
  • TIP: create a separate contact type ‘Hot prospects’ or similar to make distinction between hot- and less concrete prospects. Go to menu item Extra -> Administration -> Contact type to add new contact types.

Combination of filters is possible. For instance the contact type field and the Account Manager field, or a combination of a field and keywords below the contact card. This way you're able to cross filter domestic or international keyword and prospects, or products/services field and prospects.