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How do I create and manage tasks in SpinOffice?
Go to New -> Task to create a task for a certain contact or click on the task icon in the main toolbar. All tasks are shown in your task list which can be found at menu item Go to -> Task list. Priority, expiration date and reminders can be set for each task. When working with multiple database users you are able to create and manage tasks for your team members.  More information about tasks can be found in the SpinOffice user guide.
How do I create an event in the calendar?
Go to Go to -> Calendar. Click once on the date on which the appointment should be made. Enter the related contact, time and date and location of the appointment. Click on “Save”, the popup will close and the appointment is added. Use right-click for more options, for instance to link the appointment to multiple other contacts, multiple folders or your colleagues.
How to sent text messages from the CRM?
Although you may not realize it, sending texts from your SpinOffice database is possible and extremely useful. If you want to send an SMS to a mobile phone, there’s no need to opt for a third-party service — you can do so directly within your SpinOffice account. Instead of using a service you don’t know or trust, you can deliver a text message by using our SMS gateway. So long as you have added the person’s mobile phone number to the contact card, you can easily send out text messag...
Why use SpinOffice for sending emails?
Access all your CRM associated email exchanges in one place, right inside your Inbox. All messages are, on entry, automatically linked to the proper contact. If the recipient is unknown you can add the contact to your database as new or link it to an existing contact and SpinOffice will pick up all former communication and will add it to the contact’s archive. Building up your database has never been easier! Your team will become more efficient. Each user will get its own inbox with...
What is the point of the Contact's dashboard on the right of the contact card?
With every contact card that you visit in SpinOffice, you can see at a glance what is involved with this contact. It contains not only items that are meant for you, but also those of your colleagues. The dashboard differs for each contact in the database. The following items are displayed in the dashboard: Open folders: all folders to which the contact is linked. Upcoming appointments: all calendar items to which the contact is linked and which will take place within the next two ...
How do I get a quick overview of my prospects?
Every prospect has its own contact card with relevant contact information and archive with communication and agreements from the past. To create a selection, for instance all your prospects: Go to the field ‘Contact type’ on the card; Click on the field just once; Choose 'Filter on' in appearing popup; Type ‘Prospect’ and press enter or ‘Filter contacts’; All prospects are shown in the left column; TIP: create a separate contact type ‘Hot prospects’ or similar to ma...
What does the integration with Mailchimp includes?
SpinOffice’s integration with Mailchimp allows a two-way interaction between your CRM database and your email list(s) in Mailchimp. You are able to build highly specific filters in SpinOffice and share them with Mailchimp! The three core components of this Mailchimp integration: Import Mailchimp contacts to SpinOffice based on list(s) Export SpinOffice contacts to Mailchimp mailing list(s) based on filters Get hard bounces to SpinOffice contacts’ profiles There's a Mailchi...
How do I link my Mailchimp account to SpinOffice?
Go to menu option Extra -> Mailchimp Please fill in your Mailchimp API key. Log in to your Mailchimp account and go to your account settings, see image below: Copy the API key into the required field in SpinOffice and click on 'Save Mailchimp API key' to link the accounts.