For many of our customers, a proper task management component is essential. SpinOffice provides a simple and clear way of creating and managing tasks.

9.1 Creating tasks

9.2 The task list

9.3 Reminders

9.4 Finishing / checking tasks

9.1 Creating tasks

When on a contact card, click on the ‘Task’ icon in the toolbar menu or via the menu item New -> Task. The following window will appear:

Many fields can be filled in besides scheduling, prioritizing and adding a note to the task. Thus, it is possible to link the task to a folder and/or an activity (support, service, declarable etc.). You can even add attachments.

When a task has been saved, it will appear in your ‘Task list’ and also in the contact’s archive. In this archive, finished tasks are shown with a green checkmark. High priority tasks are shown in red in the task list and will get an exclamation point in the reminder screen.

9.2 The task list

As we just mentioned, tasks can be shown per individual contact, via the contact's archive. But SpinOffice also provides an overview of all outstanding tasks. We call this the Task list. Go to menu option Go to -> Task list to get an overview of all the tasks.


All tasks are sorted by due date with the longest outstanding task appears at the top. But feel free to adjust the column to rank. High priority tasks are red, normal onces are black and low priority tasks are blue.

At the top you have the several filter options (creator, assigned to, status or activity), and the so called 'hamburger-icon' to save the filter. Saved task list filter are shown on the left side of the screen, 'Sales tasks - All' for example. When using SpinOffice with multiple users, use the filter option at the top to view your team members tasks.

Below the filter options there's the search fields, to search on a contact or task subject.

Double-click on the name of the contact to go to the contact card. Double-click on the task subject to see all the details of the task and the ability to adjust or finish it. 

Use the right-click on a task for quick options as 'Open', 'Finish' or 'Delete' or use the icons below the task list.

The option to print your task list will soon be added as option to this screen.

9.3 Reminders

If the reminder checkbox has been checked when creating a task, you will receive a reminder at expiration time. Here is an example:


Check and finish the task or snooze and move action forward. All past actions will be logged. So, if action is snoozed, the next time the task is opened the number of snoozes is visible.

9.4 Finishing / checking tasks

Outstanding tasks can be opened from the contact's archive and from the task list. To finish a task, open and click on ‘Finish'. The task will be removed from the task list and will remain, checked, in the contact’s archive.

All tasks, finished and outstanding, will remain visible at individual archive level. They are all stored in the contact’s archive. Click on the 'Task’ item in the list bar on the left to open an overview of all tasks that have been carried out, or that are still outstanding.


Click on an individual task to see more information. It is also possible to finish tasks from here.