• Before integrating your email account, make sure you log out of your Office 365 account / Outlook account. This is to prevent us from connecting to an incorrect Microsoft account that has already been signed in.
  • Return to SpinOffice.
  • On the Home dashboard or the Inbox, click on Configure email.
  • Choose between Office 365 or Outlook.
  • Please input your email address and click on Start.
  • SpinOffice will give "Settings found!"
  • Click on Connect to continue.
  • You will be redirected to the Microsoft login page within a new browser tab. If this page does not open, check if your web browser blocks the action and allow the popup.
  • Log in to your Microsoft Office 365 account with your login details.
  • After you log in, you are requested to give permission for SpinOffice to access your mail.
    OAuth 2.0 permission SpinOffice
  • Please Accept
  • You are done now, and you will be lead to our website.
  • Return to SpinOffice CRM and your email account should be ready to use.

If SpinOffice doesn't support OAuth 2.0 for your account (like for a personal Outlook account) and you have MFA (Multi-factor authentication) enabled, you will need to use an App password generated by your email server and use that App password in SpinOffice email configuration wizard. Here's how you can create an App password in Microsoft: