As long as you have your phone/Google Authenticator App, you can switch computers to login to SpinOffice; after you have entered the account password the verification code is shown.

If you forgot or lost your phone and can't sign in with two-step verification, there are two things to do:

  • First option: ask one of your colleagues to borrow his/her phone, reset the QR code in SpinOffice login screen, add another authenticator account for SpinOffice on the phone and scan the new code with the authenticator app of your colleague's phone.
  • Second option: aks one of your colleagues with admin-rights to temporary turn off two-step verification under CRM preferences screen. This change is applicable for all users in the database.

Once you have your (new) phone again, do another reset of the QR code in order to link SpinOffice to the authenticator app on your own phone again.