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I deleted all/multiple contacts, what to do now?
Please contact us directly, we can retrieve the data from backup for you. Please be aware that this action may cause additional costs.
I linked an email address to the wrong contact. How to detach?
Go to the contact card of the person/company where it is linked to. Right-click on the email address (that should not be mentioned there at CONTACT INFO). Choose 'Delete'. Check in appearing popup 'Unlink this email address from this contact too' and confirm. Now all emails are detached from this person/company, the items no longer appear in its archive and the name no longer appears in your inbox. Link the email address again to the proper contact in for instanc...
SpinOffice won't start. What should I do?
There could be a few reasons why SpinOffice won't open. Please check following options: Incorrect login details. Make sure you have the proper credentials. There is a 'Forgot password' option if needed. No internet connection. SpinOffice needs an internet connection all the time. Firewall block. It could be that your Firewall blocks our application: Go to Settings on your Windows and select Windows Firewall. Click the “Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall” li...
I can't get one of my email accounts configured. What to do?
To integrate your email you have to provide the account's name, password and IMAP server (incoming mail server). When you're 100% sure that the information is correct and SpinOffice still gives a certain error or connection failure, please do 'Save' the settings in the wizard. Because we will give you more information about the status of your account.  When the account is still not working after 24 hours, please contact us and we will help you to get it working.
I forgot/lost my phone, now i can't login with two-factor authentication.
As long as you have your phone/Google Authenticator App, you can switch computers to login to SpinOffice; after you have entered the account password the verification code is shown. If you forgot or lost your phone and can't sign in with two-step verification, there are two things to do: First option: ask one of your colleagues to borrow his/her phone, reset the QR code in SpinOffice login screen, add another authenticator account for SpinOffice on the phone and scan the new code ...
I have to upgrade my Limited license to Pro. Why?
SpinOffice Limited is free until you have added 50 items manually. Items are manually added contacts, sent emails and uploaded documents or files. Mass import of contacts (from Excel or Apple Contacts) and incoming emails do not count as an item.  Once this is amount has been reached, we ask you to upgrade to Pro. Read here how to upgrade your license and what the payment options are.