Storage, Backup & Security

What happens with my personal contact details?
At registration, you have to fill in your first tname and last name, company name and email address. We will never supply this information to third parties. We only may contact you by email or phone in response to your registration.  In our mailings, there is always to option to unsubscribe.
How do I know that my data is kept safe?
SpinOffice takes adequate organizational and technological measures to ensure the security and confidentiality of your personal information. We will process any personal data according to legislation in respect of the processing of personal data (such as the Personal Data Protection Act). SpinOffice does not share any information with third parties, except when required by law, or with explicit permission from you.
Will there be backups created of my data?
Every day we generate backups of all our Pro user databases. This will be stored, encrypted on our servers which are located within the European Union.
How can I delete my Limited database?
When you're no longer interested in using SpinOffice, please sent us a message with your name, the email address you registered with and the company name and we will delete the database for you. Your database will also be deleted after 120 days of no activity.
For how long my database will be stored?
After registration we keep your free Limited database in the air for at least 120 days. After that period of no log in, we will delete data relating to your account. Your email address can still be used for mailing purposes unless you have unsubscribed. Pro accounts will not be deleted as long as at least one Pro license still active. When all Pro licenses have expired, the 120 days period of no log in as mentioned above will apply.