SpinOffice will help you via a wizard in the inbox where you can enter the proper account credentials and incoming mail server settings (IMAP) from the mail account(s). Until your email has been configured correctly, SpinOffice will show you the following popup every time you open your inbox:

Configure your email

Enter your email address and password and click on ‘Connect’. SpinOffice will try to find the proper server settings. If the settings are not found, please click on ‘Configure manually’ and we will help you to try to find the proper mail server settings:

Configure your email

Select your account type and click on the ‘Test access’ button to try to connect. At the bottom of this screen a message will appear with the test result. Keep testing until the above shown green check (see above) is shown and SpInOffice has a successful connection. Click on ‘Save’ to finish.

Once you have clicked on ‘Save’ we will keep you informed of the status in the inbox and by email if it takes a long time to import your email messages, for instance if there are 2500 messages in your received and sent folder.

As soon as SpinOffice is connected, all messages from the last 30 days will be imported into your inbox. Sending emails is not a problem at all, all outgoing messages go though our mail server.

If any account information is incorrect, we will inform you about the type of error and the configuration wizard will remain in your inbox.

If you don’t know your IMAP settings or you don’t succeed, please do save any (incorrect) settings so we have some information to use in order to try to help you!