SpinOffice will help you via a wizard in the inbox where you can enter the proper account credentials and incoming mail server settings (IMAP) from the mail account(s). Until your email has been configured correctly, SpinOffice will show you the following popup every time you open your inbox:

configure email

(When this popup not shown, go to the Inbox tab / window, then the gear icon at the top right of your screen, choose 'Email accounts' and then the '+' icon)

  • Select the email account of your choice.
  • Enter the email address and click on 'Start'. 
  • Enter the account password.
    • Office 365: we strongly recommend to select OAuth2.O as authentication method. Follow these steps and SpinOffice will connect with your Office 365 account.
    • Outlook: also for Outlook, we strongly recommend to select OAuth2.O as authentication method. Follow the steps mentioned and SpinOffice will connect with your Outlook account.
    • Gmail: it will automatically connect. It might block SpinOffice to connect. Having problems? Here's a checklist to solve that.
    • IMAP: SpinOffice will try to find the right IMAP settings. Click on 'Show server settings' to manually enter the right account credentials. 
  • Click on 'Connect' to make connection. 
  • After a few minutes SpinOffice shows you the result:
    • If connection is made successfully, the setup wizard is closed and your emails will come in.
    • If not, please adjust the server settings; your account name, password and incoming email server. Tip: check how the account is configured on your phone, the same IMAP settings are used there.
  • When SpinOffice keeps saying that we cannot connect, please contact us for free support to solve the issue.

When the connection is successful, go to Inbox to see all incoming messages. In the free Limited version, you can connect 1 email account. And all messages over the last 30 days will be brought into your inbox. With a Pro license, for 5 email accounts all incoming messages, sent items and trash items will be in sync.