Mass Contact Change
Use a mass contact change in SpinOffice in order to check or uncheck a keyword for a group of contacts or changing a field for all.
The Basics of the Inbox (Updated in Sept-2019)
In following tutorial we show you what makes the inbox such a great feature. For instance, how to complement your contact database via your inbox by linking emails to contacts.
Working with Folders
In following tutorial we explain how to create and use folders. After a folder is created, any item can be drag and dropped into the folder in order to build up and organize your archive and to save time retrieving informatio...
Managing Contact types
In this tutorial we show you how to create new contact types without building them from scratch.
Mass contacts import (Excel & Mac Contacts)
In this video we show you how to import a group of contacts from an Excel (.CSV / .XLS) data file into your SpinOffice CRM account by matching the Excel columns with SpinOffice contact card fields. By the way, import of Mac...
Creating Filters
In following tutorial we explain how to create filters / selections in order to export your filtered group of contacts to Excel or to send a mass mailings.