Set up Calendar Synchronization via CalDAV to sync events from SpinOffice CRM to your iOS device(s) and vice versa! Follow the steps in the configuration manual below.

  • Activate the calendar-sync in SpinOffice via menu option Administration -> User settings -> Synchronization.
  • On your iPhone / iPad, go to Settings -> Calendar -> Accounts.
  • Click on Add Account and click on Other.
  • Select Add CalDAV Account.
  • Following screen will appear:
  • Fill in following information:
    • Server:
    • User name: [enter the email address where you received the activation email]
    • Password: [your SpinOffice login password]
    • Description: for example ‘Business’ or ‘SpinOffice’
  • Click on Next in right top corner and account is being verified.
  • Enable Calendar and Reminders, and following screen will appear:
  • We advise you to choose Keep on My iPhone.
  • Click on Save to add the sync account.
  • Now the CalDAV is added as sync account to your iOS device.
  • All calendar items from SpinOffice will now be shown in the Calendar application. Please define the color from there.
  • In order to make the SpinOffice calendar the default for new appointments, go to Settings -> Default Calendar and tick the CalDAV account.
  • By default, all calendar items are fetched and not pushed.
  • Manage the fetch schedule on your iOS device via Settings -> Calendar -> Accounts -> New data:
    • Scroll down to the bottom to set the fetching period.
    • On Manual, the calendar is only being refreshed on your device when you launch the Calendar app. 

It may take a few minutes to get all items in the calendar, so please do not adjust settings to fast! All changes made here will sync on every device where this CalDAV sync account has been configured.

A problem with connecting?

If the CalDAV account gives the error ‘CalDAV account verification failed’, read here what you can do.