Account Settings

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How do I change the date format?
Based on your geographical location, the date format in SpinOffice is set on dd/mm/yyyy or mm/dd/yyyy. Users outside Europe will have mm/dd/yyyy format as default. Change the prefered date format via menu option Administration -> CRM preferences -> General ->  Date format.
How do I add ‘US states’ field to a contact card?
Go to menu option Administration -> CRM preferences -> General and check Add ‘U.S. state’ field. This will apply for all contact cards in the database.
How do I add a separate street number field to a card?
Go to Administration -> CRM preferences -> General and check Add ‘Street number’ field. Street number will than be a separate field on all contact cards in the database. When this field is disabled, please add the contact’s street numbers into the street address field. Note: We advise you not to use the separate street number field option when you use the contacts-sync on your phone as well. Apple does not use street number as separate field, so this the information is not pr...
Can I get my own company logo visible in the top left corner?
Yes you can, but this is a Pro feature! When you are a Pro user you will be able to have your own company logo instead of the SpinOffice logo. Go to Administration -> CRM preferences -> Company and click on ‘Browse’ to add your logo from any local disk. Click on the save button to confirm, and you’re done! It appears in the left corner on top.   When you have added your company logo during your limited trial, it will automatically be displayed once you have become a Pro user.
Where can I change the prefered language?
The default language is based on the language of your local machine, of course only when we have this language available. If not, it will be in English. For now, SpinOffice is available in English, French, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Russian, Romanian, German and Turkish. After you logged in you are able to adjust the language via menu option Administration -> CRM preferences -> General -> Display language.  Please note that adjusting the language applies to all users in t...
How do I change my password?
Go to Administration -> Change password to renew your password. Next time you log in this applies. Since there is an option to auto-login without password, you are able to disable this once you are logged in via menu option Extra -> Log out on this device. Next time you log in this your password is asked again.
I forgot my password, what to do now?
On the log in page you will find a 'Forgot password' option. Click on that and have your password sent to you by email. For security reasons, please adjust your personal password directly after log in. If your email only arrives in SpinOffice and therefore you are not able to read the email with your password, please contact us. We will reset your password and you can get back to work.
What are credits?
Within all plans, credits are used for sending shirt text messages and for exporting contacts to Mailchimp. These credits can be purchased in your account once you have insufficient credits. Purchase your credits via menu option Administration -> Credits. We will send you an invoice (Windows) or transaction is handled via Mac App Store. Credits cost $5.99 for 100 credits, $29.99 for 500 credits and $54.99 for 1.000 credits.