In SpinOffice CRM, a user is one who manages records, their own or those shared by other users, within the organization.

The role-based security ensures that data is accessible to users based on the organization's hierarchy. Profiles, on the other hand, ensure that users have permission to only the relevant features in CRM. There is also 'Groups' that allow you to extend the data-level access to other users with similar job profile. 

All three features below are Pro-features and not possible to manage in a Limited account.

Manage users

Go to Administration -> Users to manage all the users in your SpinOffice CRM account, deactivate users who are no longer part of the company Pro account. For free Limited users it is not possible to manage this user part. Limited users have the ability to add users via menu option New -> Invite colleagues.

Manage roles & rights per user

Create roles for the users in your account such as Administrator, User or Read-ony and define the access permissions for the users role. To manage this, click on the user in the Administration -> Users overview and click on the edit icon as shown here to set the roles & rights for each user.

Manage Groups

In this user-admin part it is possible to manage groups too. This part needs some assistance from our side to set up. In general, when various groups are created you're able to link contacts in the database to these groups and to give database users access to the proper group(s). For example; create a 'Sales' group and link all rospects in the database to this group and link your sales people to this group only. Your sales team will only have access to the contact details of these prospects.

As mentioned, this needs some support from our side when setting this up. Please contact us when you're interested in this feature.