SpinOffice CRM offers an integration with e-Boekhouden.nl, a Dutch accounting solution that works intuitively and simply. With e-Boekhouden.nl, all invoices, name and address data from SpinOffice are sent to your accounting software in e-Boekhouden.nl at the touch of a button. Contacts from SpinOffice become contacts in e-Boekhouden.nl. So easy!

What are the requirements?

  • an e-Boekhouden.nl account (the software is only available in Dutch)
  • the invoice module in SpinOffice CRM
  • a SpinOffice Pro- or Enterprise license

How to activate the e-Boekhouden.nl integration?

  1. Sign up for e-Boekhouden.nl
    Start by creating a free e-Boekhouden.nl account. Already an account? Then proceed to step 2.
  2. Create a unique API key for SpinOffice.
    In your e-Boekhouden.nl account, go to Integrations, generate an API key and copy it to your clipboard.
  3. Add the API key to SpinOffice
    In SpinOffice, go to menu option Administration -> Integrations and enter the API-key from your clipboard. That is it! You are now completely ready to start using the e-Boekhouden.nl integration in SpinOffice.