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Technical support?

+31 70 311 5403 or +1 (360) 209-5609

Getting Started

Watch this space for articles how to Get Started.

How to get started?
You can start by simply downloading SpinOffice CRM on your Mac or Windows desktop and filling in some basic information to set up an account. We ask for your e-mail address, a password and some corporate information. Once you read and agree to the Terms of Use you will receive a welcome e-mai...
To what extent the software is free?
You're able to use SpinOffice CRM Limited version for as long as you want until you have reached a storage of 50 items added manually. Mass import of contacts (Excel, Apple Contacts or social media) and incoming emails do not count as an item. You’ll get a notification when you’ve reach...
What do you mean with max. 50 items?
Only manually added contacts, sent emails and uploaded documents or files in SpinOffice Limited will count as an item. Mass import of contacts (from Excel or Apple Contacts) and incoming emails do not count as an item! Once you've reached the 50 items has we ask you to upgrade to Pro where ...
How do I import a group of contacts?
You can import your business and personal contacts from .CSV or .XLS file or from Apple Contacts. Go to menu option Extra -> Import -> Contacts to import: From .CSV or .XLS file: Select the option ‘From .CSV, .XLS or .XSLX format’ and than upload the data file from your local com...
Can I send email campaigns during my free trial?
Yes you can! Create an email template first, then make your contact filter, select your template and send your mailing. Find detailed information about filtering and sending mass mails here.
Are all features available in Limited?
Almost all features are available in our Limited version. You’ll find our edition comparison chart here. Here’s some of the extra stuff you’ll get in your Pro account: Unlimited storage all your contacts Storage up to 100.000 items Full email integration Daily backup of your data...
Is sync available in the free limited version?
Yes it is! Go to menu option Administration -> Personal settings -> Synchronization in SpinOffice to activate the contact- and calendar sync. We instantly send you the details how to activate it. In user manual chapter 14 we explain how this al works.
Can I invite other users in Limited?
Of course! Invite your colleagues to participate. No strings attached! You can all set this up including multiple users connecting to a shared database as part of the free Limited edition to be sure you are happy with it before you purchase any licenses. Add users at any time by installi...
How do I upgrade my account to Pro?
We don’t require a credit card in advance, so you can try SpinOffice obligation-free until you have reached 50 items. Once this is amount has been reached, we ask you to upgrade to Pro. In-App payment: with your Apple account in Mac App Store for Mac PayPal for Windows PC ...
Do I need to provide a credit card to qualify for Limited?
No, you only have to register with your name, company name and email address.