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Watch this space for articles regarding the Calendar.

How do I create an event in the calendar?
Go to Go to -> Agenda. Click once on the date on which the appointment should be made. Enter the related contact, time and date and location of the appointment. Click on “Save”, the popup will close and the appointment is added. Use right-click for more options, for instance to lin...
Can I get notifications for appointments?
All appointments can be scheduled, made recurrent and notifications can be set. But these notifications do not appear in SpinOffice yet, only on each mobile phone / tablet on which our CalDAV agenda-sync is configured.
Does my agenda sync with my mobile devices?
It is possible to have your agenda in SpinOffice in sync with your mobile devices of Apple (iPhone, iPad and Mac) and Android. Go to menu option Administration -> Personal settings -> Synchronization and enable the sync account. Instantly a CalDAV-account is created and the manual ...
What does CalDAV mean?
Basically, it provides a mechanism for a server to sync calendar data with multiple clients. Using CardDAV and CalDAV protocols, users can keep their contacts and calendar data in sync, and it’s very easy to set up. CalDAV can be set up in almost the exact same way as CardDAV on your ...
Does SpinOffice offer a central office calendar?
Yes it does! When collaborating with multiple SpinOffice users, all team members will have an individual agenda. You will be able to switch between your personal calendar or a shared central calendar view. All appointments of your colleagues are visible unless marked as hidden. Every tea...