Authenticate your domain with SpinOffice CRM by modifying your domain's SFP records.

What is SPF?

SPF is an open standard so that the owner of a domain can provide a public list of approved senders. For instance, if you use an application like SpinOffice CRM to send your emails out and you use Mailchimp to send your marketing emails, you’d want to include both of those services as approved senders. This way, receiving mail servers can cross-check that the email originated from a server that has permission to send on your behalf. If the message originates from a server that’s not on your list, then the receiving server can consider it a fake and treat it accordingly.

How do I implement SPF on my domain?

Your domain provider knows exactly how and where to adjust it; SPF records are set in the DNS zone of the domain name. There are two possible options:

1. Your domain does not have a SPF record yet

Create a new TXT record for your domain and enter:

v=spf1 ~all

2. Your domain already has an SPF record

Add following text to the existing TXT record for your domain:

After you've made the required SPF changes, please wait 24-48 hours for the changes to propagate.

How can I check the SPF records of my own domain?

Go to, enter your domain name (without www) and click on the orange "SPF Record Lookup" button.

The following page is shown. (As example we use the records of our domain)

The green shaded area shows the current structure of your domain's SPF records. This will always differ from the above image. But you can see in our example that the required SPF record is included. That is what you or your domain host has to add to the DNS zone of your domain.

Does your SPF check result also show this line? Perfect, than you have successfully added the record!