Mac Usability

Watch this space for articles regarding Mac Usability.

System menu & tabs for Mac users
There are three layers at the top of the application window. In the illustration you can see what we mean and below the illustration we will explain you what you can do with all three of them:  The first layer is the system menu which you as a Mac user are used to. All menu items can be found there. Go through them the first time you enter SpinOffice so you know what can be found where. Many things in SpinOffice can be customized; go to the menu item Administration for that. In ...
Right mouse click function
In SpinOffice, there are many menus hidden under the right mouse click. For Windows users this is nothing new, but for Mac users this is something to get used to. Apple calls the right mouse click the 'secondary click’. Default action on Mac is to click or tap with two fingers on your trackpad. In many Mac software applications, menus are also hidden under the secondary click. Some important locations where SpinOffice has menu item under secondary click are:  on the contact card, edi...
Mac keyboard shortcuts
Control-IGo to InboxControl-TGo to TasksControl-AGo to CalendarCommand-CCopy selected item or textCommand-VPaste selected item or textCommand-XCut selected item or textCommand-ASelected all textCommand-Accent (`)Activate the next tabCommand-Shift-Accent (`)Activate the next open windowCommand-RRefresh SpinOfficeCommand-HHide SpinOfficeCommand-MMinimize SpinOfficeCommand-QQuit SpinOffice