First two questions beforehand.

  1. Do you want to configure a Gmail account? Click here for the quick configuration steps.
  2. Is it a, or account? This type of account nowadays requires an 'app-specific password' for IMAP. Click here how to create that for SpinOffice within your iCloud account.

If neither is the case, follow the steps below in SpinOffice to integrate your email account:

  • Click on Configure email on your Home dashboard or go to the Contacts screen, than menu option Administration -> Email -> Email settings to see of all configured email accounts.
  • Click on the '+' icon in the left corner at the bottom.
  • Enter your email address and the password and click on Connect. (Is it a Gmail/Google account? Click here for the right steps)
  • SpinOffice will try to find the right IMAP settings. Please be patient or click on Cancel to go back.
  • After a few minutes SpinOffice shows you the result:
    • If connection is made successfully, please Save the settings and close.
    • If not, please click on Configure manually and add/adjust the Account type, account name (could be different to the email address), account password and incoming email server. (tip: check how the account is configured on your phone, there the IMAP settings are used as well)
  • When you are convinced that all the settings are correct, choose Test access first to see if SpinOffice can make connection.
    • If connection is made successfully, please Save the settings and close.
    • If not, please read the notification from SpinOffice carefully and try if you can solve the issue yourself.
  • When SpinOffice keeps saying that we cannot connect, please save the settings and contact us for free support to solve the issue.

Is your email account successfully integrated? Than close the Email settings screen and go to your Inbox to see all the emails coming in. When it takes a bit longer than you think, please log out and log in once again. That should force the sync to bring in all your emails.

In the free Limited version, all messages from the last 30 days will be brought into your inbox. With a Pro license, all incoming messages, sent items and trash items will be in sync.

Do you see a red exclamation mark icon in Email settings screen, next to the account name? Then there is something wrong with the email settings. Double-click on the account name, and manually enter/adjust the IMAP setting and test the connection.