Gmail uses "OAuth 2.0" authentication protocol, meaning that all requests to the Gmail API must be authorized by an authenticated user. SpinOffice is verified by Google as trusted developer, and therefore it is possible to configure your Gmail account with Google's "OAuth 2.0" authentication protocol.

The OAuth 2.0 protocol makes it relatively easy for trusted apps like SpinOffice to integrate. Follow the steps below in SpinOffice to connect your Gmail account:

  • Go to menu option Administration -> Email -> Email settings on the contact card screen to see the overview of all configured email accounts.
  • Click on the '+' icon in the left corner at the bottom.
  • Enter your email address and SpinOffice automatically adds the option to select the "Authentication method".
  • Select the authentication method "OAuth 2.0" and click on Connect.
  • A new popup will open. Log in to your Gmail account by entering your mail account's user name and password, and click on Log in.
  • A notification is shown that SpinOffice would like to get access to your emails, and offline access. Click on Allow.
  • The popup will automatically close and you will return to the above shown screen, and the configured account is shown.

Close the Email settings screen and go to your Inbox to see all the emails coming in.

When it takes a bit longer than you think, please log out and log in once again. That should force the sync to bring in all your emails.

Do you see a red exclamation mark icon next to the account name, in Email settings? Then there is something wrong with the email settings. Double-click on the account, and manually enter/adjust the IMAP setting and test the connection.