In SpinOffice, there are many menus hidden under the right mouse click. For Windows users this is nothing new, but for Mac users this is something to get used to. Apple calls the right mouse click the 'secondary click’. Default action on Mac is to click or tap with two fingers on your trackpad. In many Mac software applications, menus are also hidden under the secondary click. Some important locations where SpinOffice has menu item under secondary click are: 

  • on the contact card, edit and filter options under right click;
  • in the archive, right click menu for archive items;
  • in the calendar, right click menu for calendar items;
  • in the inbox, right click menu for each message;
  • in the folder list and file list, right click menu items.

Follow the steps below to enable the secondary click on your Mac, if this is disabled (for instance for MacBook users with a mouse trackpad):

  1. Go to System preferences
  2. Select 'Trackpad’; 
  3. Enable second option ’Secondary click’.