There could be a few reasons why SpinOffice won't open. Please check following options:

  • No internet connection. SpinOffice needs an internet connection all the time.
  • Firewall block. It could be that your Firewall blocks our application:
    • Go to Settings on your Windows and select Windows Firewall.
    • Click the “Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall” link. It may be called “Allow a program through Windows Firewall”. This will open a list of programs with check boxes next to them. 
    • Click the “Change settings” button. In order to be allowed to adjust the settings, you may need to click the “Change settings” button. If a password is required, enter it now.
    • Make sure that SpinOffice CRM application is checked so that communictation with the Firewall is allowed.
    • Save your settings. Once you’ve finished making changes, click the OK button to save your Firewall settings.
    • Please contact us if the problem keeps occuring after you've adjusted the firewall settings.
  • Not a compatible Mac OS X version. SpinOffice works on Mac OS X 10.11 and later.