Is sync available in the free limited version?
Yes it is!  We want you to use the free version of SpinOffice to see if it fits your needs. Syncing your data is part of that.
How do I get my contacts in sync?
It is possible to synchronize all SpinOffice contacts between SpinOffice and Apple’s Contacts app on an iPhone, iPad and Mac. Also when you do not have them all in SpinOffice yet!! Go to menu option Administration -> Personal settings -> Synchronization and enable the sync account...
Does my calendar sync with my mobile devices?
It is possible to have your calendar in SpinOffice in sync with your mobile devices of Apple (iPhone, iPad and Mac) and Android. Go to menu option Administration -> Personal settings -> Synchronization and enable the sync account. Instantly a CalDAV-account is created and the manual h...
Does my email sync with my mobile devices?
Yes, with IMAP it does! IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) is the best way to make sure you can see all your mail at any time on all of your devices. SpinOffice will sync the incoming mail, sent items and the trash folder of your mail account.
Will the complete archive of my mailbox be fetched into SpinOffice?
In the limited free version we only synchronize the last 30 days of your inbox, sent items and your trash folder. For Pro users we fetch the complete email history of all configured email accounts.
Sent items on my iPhone/iPad do not sync with SpinOffice. How to resolve?
When your mail is integrated, all incoming messages, sent items and the trash folder syncs. Whether you read your mail on your mobile, tablet, laptop, or mail client (e.g. Outlook, Mac Mail), your mail synchronizes on every device on which IMAP is set. But what if the sent items from your ph...
How to solve the CalDAV sync error 'CalDAV account verification failed'?
When you experience authentication issues while logging into the CalDAV-account on your iPhone, iPad or Android device, it shows you the 'CalDAV account verification failed' error. How to resolve this? Try to re-enter your password and click on Done. When blue check marks appea...