Short text messages that you send from SpinOffice are sent via the sms gateway that we use, and thus not via your own mobile phone. You do need to fill in your mobile number in the Administration -> Personal settings part. Any reply to a short text message will be received on your mobile phone.

A smart Pro feature is that it allows you to schedule SMS messages to be sent at a later point in time. So you can set up an sms message for someone’s birthday in advance, and SpinOffice will automatically send the message right on time.


In SpinOffice, credits are used for exporting contacts to MailChimp and for sending SMS text messages. Go to Extra -> Credits for the status of the amount of credits left, where credits were spend on and it gives the ability to purchase extra credits. What does a credit cost? 100 credits cost $5.99. 

Extra SMS options 

A Pro feature. It allows you to send birthday & scheduled short text messages to your contacts. Plus there is an option to create text message templates.