You can import your business and personal contacts from .CSV or .XLS file or from Apple Contacts. Go to menu option Extra -> Import -> Contacts to import:

From .CSV or .XLS file:

Select the option ‘From .CSV, .XLS or .XSLX format’ and than upload the data file from your local computer. The only thing you have to do then is to make a match between the data in your Excel columns and any field in SpinOffice. We help you per column in this process. This way we make it a simple and convenient step. 

Please define the contact type too. If not defined they will all get the contact type 'Import' in SpinOffice. It is possible to mass change this afterwards in case it should be different. 

Note: Use for import of the country field into SpinOffice the two-letter ISO country code in your Excel file. For a complete list of all codes:

Apple Contacts: 

This option is available for Mac and iPad users only. Click on the ‘Mac contacts’ option to import all your contacts. On the iPad the option is in right top corner on click on your name and then: Import contacts.