Mac contacts

Set up Contacts Synchronization via CardDAV to sync all your contacts from SpinOffice CRM to your iMac or MacBook and vice versa! Follow the steps in the configuration manual below.

  • Make sure that you've activated the contacts-sync in SpinOffice via menu option Administration -> Personal settings -> Synchronization.
  • Go to the Launchpad on your Mac and open System preferences -> Internet Accounts.
  • Click on the “+” icon in left bottom corner.
  • In the right frame, scroll down and select the option to Add Other Account.
  • Choose account type Add CardDAV account.

  • Select as account type: Manual.
  • Fill in following information:
    • User name: [enter the email address where you received the activation email]
    • Password: [your SpinOffice login password]
    • Server:
  • Click on Log in in right bottom corner and account is being verified.
  • The sync account is now added as Internet Account.
  • Give your own description to this account, for example ‘Business contacts’ or ‘SpinOffice contacts’.
  • The configured account is now shown as account on the left side and all contacts in SpinOffice that are marked as ‘to be in sync’, will appear in Mac Contacts as new address book.

It may take a few minutes to get all your SpinOffice contacts into Mac Contacts. Please be patient and don’t adjust the settings to fast! All changes made here will sync on every device where this CardDAV sync account has been configured.