1.1 Registration

SpinOffice iconAfter you have downloaded the application from our website or the App Store, the following icon will be stored on your PC or Mac Launchpad. If you click on the icon our registration page opens.

Fill in your first name, last name, company name & email address to create your free account. Your personal user name and password will be sent to your email address directly on registration. You will be taken direct to your personal encrypted database. Subsequently, each time you open SpinOffice CRM your user name (email address) will be displayed immediately, and you will only have to fill in your personal password.

Your SpinOffice database is accessible from any desktop or laptop, Mac (OS X 10.7 and later), Windows PC, iPhone, iPad and Android device, as long as you have an internet connection and SpinOffice installed.


1.2 Start the tour or Get started

The first time you log in we give you the option to start a tour (approx. 9 slides) in which we show you the basic features of SpinOffice, or the possibility of getting started right away. There are a few these steps that help you to set up your account, by completing them you will be well on track with getting your account configured. 

  1. Import your email: go to your inbox to configure your email from there. A wizard will help you bringing it in. When your account allows IMAP, your inbox folder, sent items and trash folder will be in sync. All emails are automatically linked to contacts in the database and they are stored in the archive of the contact. Add multiple email addresses via menu option Administration -> Email -> Email settings. (See paragraph 5.1 Configuring your email for more details
  2. Import existing contacts: from e.g. Outlook, LinkedIn, Google or any other platform that supports an export to .CSV, .XLS or .XLSX format. Other option is the quick import of all your Mac OS X Address Book. (See paragraph 3.3 Adding contacts for more information about the import process) 
  3. Invite other database users: in order to collaborate with your colleagues you may invite them into your database, via menu item New -> Invite Colleague. Each invited user will receive her/his own login credentials. Rights and roles per user can be divided in the Pro edition.

On our website, we have added a list of important steps that you can take to set up your database and to make a fresh start. Click here to to go through them.